We're better, and here's why

Our team constantly uses and tracks all new trends in AI technology and integrates all innovations into our products.


Fully Secured

We ensure that user data is stored and processed securely. We are transparent in all processes within the company and also in our privacy and personal data privacy and processing policies


Agile Methodologies

We are always ready for changes and are able to implement them in the shortest possible time, quickly assess risks and develop a risk management strategy for the processes within the company


UI/UX Design & Branding

Our experienced design team is able to carefully consider all product requirements and develop unique design and branding that we will incorporate into the product and its promotional strategy

What domains we work in

Develop Creative Apps for
IT, Retail, Banking, Health

Our company specializes in developing AI assistant applications leveraging GPT technology across various domains including sports, health, finance, and entertainment. Through our innovative approach, we aim to revolutionize user experiences by providing intelligent solutions tailored to individual needs in each sphere. Whether it's optimizing workout routines, managing personal finances, or enhancing leisure activities, our AI assistants are designed to offer intuitive and efficient support, making everyday tasks seamless and enjoyable

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We apply SCRUM management methodology to ensure flexibility, transparency, and efficient collaboration within the development team.


Our applications help boost user productivity through personalized recommendations and intelligent data analysis.

Time Tracking

We develop time management tools that assist users in optimizing their time allocation and increasing work efficiency.


Payment Solutions

Our payment processing system ensures security and convenience in transactions, guaranteeing swift and reliable payments.


We conduct regular refinement and grooming sessions to ensure our products align with the current needs of users and market trends.

Live Support

Our company provides ongoing support to clients, ensuring prompt responsiveness to inquiries and resolution of any arising issues.

Innovative Team

Our multidisciplinary team, comprising project & product managers, business analysts, DevOps specialists, QA testers, front-end and back-end developers, along with our dedicated marketing department, synergistically collaborates to ensure comprehensive development and holistic marketing strategies, resulting in innovative, high-quality products and effective market positioning.


Den Christian

Project Manager / Scrum Master

Olga Markovich

UI/UX Graphic designer

Brave Normann

Fullstack developer

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